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Enhance Your
Mindset with
Brandy Whitford
Don't miss out on this 3 hour seminar with Brandy Whitford. Gain clarity, find your focus, and leave with your next action steps to take in your life.
Gain Clarity
Through our interactive activities,
you'll gain clarity on what you should and shouldn't focus on.
Find Purpose
Are you wondering why you are doing what you are doing? Find out why you want to be successful in life!
Achieve Focus
Find out what things you can delegate or eliminate so you're able to achieve focus on your one thing.
Learn What You Need To Do Now 
To Get Where You Want To Go 
Quicker And Faster The Smart Way
At this premium seminar you'll re-energize your life and leave with what action steps 
you need to take in your life to get you where you want to go.
You'll achieve focus, find purpose, and gain clarity! 
Have you ever heard that showing up is half the battle? 

All attendees get a discount staycation certificate
just for showing up!